Unfortunately mobile devices do not have infinite processing power, they also have limited battery life.

Reversing Thomson keys would drain the battery of your phone very fast.

Penetrate can reverse Thomson keys by using dictionaries, you need to download them and place them on your sdcard, they will take ~108mb.

  1. Download the dictionaries to your PC from one of the mirrors: Battery Boss (direct link, Thanks Doug), Mediafire, Multiupload
  2. (Optional) Verify the checksum to make sure you downloaded it correctly: MD5: a034831fd963a8e16f751cdc240e879b SHA1: e4725600eed882b725aa9301c011e490c345e259
  3. Copy this file to your SDCard, in a folder called thomsom like <Card Root>/thomson/thomson.zip
  4. Your device should now be able to reverse Thomson and Speedtouch SSIDs.